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Borth Childminder




Welcome to my website page!   Registered Childminder with the CSSIW and a members of the National Childminding Association. Also member of PACEY Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years.

Using a Registered Childminder means you can be guaranteed your child is in a safe, home from home environment.  
By using a Registered childminder the benefits are: 

* consistant - a child  is cared for by the same registered childminder each day, often over a number of years.

* flexible - for example, a registered childminder  can care for a child whose parents work atypical hours and will provide full, as well as wraparound, childcare.

* inclusive - a registered childminder can care for children of different ages and abilities together in family groups.
* community-focussed - a registered childminder can reflect the needs of local communities and enable the children they care for to be part of their local community.

* personalised - a registered childminder can meet the needs of individual children and families, such as teen parents or disabled children.

* supportive - babies and younger children, especially, do best in Home-based childcare because they are cared for in smaller groups and by the same registered childminder each day.
Our first-aid training, child protection and food hygiene qualifications are updated every 3 years.  
Everybody over the age of 16 who lives in our homes or who regularly attend our homes must have a CRB check every 3 years.
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