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Coastal Defence Progress Pictures February 2011

Spreading out the Base Hardcore, A JA Davies. CCC supervising
Hardcore lorry just tipped
KOMAT'SU D65PX Bulldozer spreading out the base hardcore.
KOMAT'SU PC 340LC Excavator spreading out shingle replacement
Work done for today, tide aproaching.
Some Small 0.3 - 1 ton Rock Armour just arrived
Warning Signs
Truck arrives loaded with small size rock armour
Rock being tipped, reloaded on rock carrying vehicle taken up the beach
Loading rock carrying vehicle to be taken up the beach to rock groyne area. 
Beach view of rock loading.
Beach view making temp barrier, high tides expected
Robert Morgan, Project Manager, Atkins (Wales). Overseeing progress.
Excavating base for rock groyne
GPS Monitored while excavating for accuracy to a fine tolerance
Larger & Heavier Pieces of Rock Armour Stock Pile
Loaded Rock Carrying Vehicle
Seven pictures with the kind permission of A JA Davies, Ceredigion County Council
Removing sand and shingle to expose groyne base. A JA Davies. CCC
Preparing base for rock armour.     A JA Davies. CCC
Carefully building groyne base.    A JA Davies. CCC
Birth of No1 Rock Groyne. View 1 from Helicopter Feb/Mar 2011. A JA Davies.CCC
Birth of No1 Rock Groyne. View 2 from Helicopter Feb/Mar 2011.  A JA Davies.CCC
Birth of No1 Rock Groyne. View 3 from Helicopter Feb/Mar 2011.  A JA Davies.CCC
Unloaded Lorry leaving beach, south end. 22nd Feb 2011
Levelling out stock piled hardcore unloaded by lorries. 22nd Feb 2011
View North, lot of activity on Beach before rising tide. 22nd Feb 2011
View from the top of Clarach Rd 28th Feb 2011
View from top of Clarach Rd 28th Feb 2011
20/02/11 Sunday's High Tide, This is why Borth needs updated sea defences
Very light wind, just think what it would have been like, in a storm force wind.  
Re-cladding Breastwork with new Oak Boarding in 2010
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