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Coastal Defence Progress Pictures January 2012

Ceredigion County Council Scrutiny Committee visited Borth Coastal Protection Scheme Phase 1 on Thursday 19th January 2012. Ray Jones, Area Agent for the Contractors (Bam Nuttall), Alice Johnson, Civil Engineer (Royal Haskoning) and Ray Quant (Ceredigion County Council, Council Cabinet Member) Answered questions after which they walked out to sea at low tide along the temporary Causeway to see work in progress on the North & South Reefs, before the rock, and shingle causeway is completely removed to finish off Rock Breakwater No 1, and Shinge Nourishment at the South end of the beach. They also walked North along the beach to see the completed Rock Breakwaters, Rock Groynes and Shingle Nourishment. Phase 1 is expected to be finished in March 2012. Weather permitting!

The walk had to be completed before incoming tide.
Part of the Causeway has already been removed.
View of Craig yr Wylfa and North & South Reef from the Temporary Causeway
View North from the Temporary Causeway
The North Reef will be completed after the South Reef
Excavators busy placing rocks in position on the South Reef before incoming High Tide.
View looking back to Borth Beach from the North Reef.
View looking North from the North Reef
View of the begining of theTemporary Causeway & Borth Beach from North Reef.
The West Cardinal Flashing lighted Warning Marker in front of the Reefs
Moving off the reef and causeway before being trapped by the incoming tide
 CCC Councillor Ray Quant pointing out details of the completed work

This view shows the greatly increased width of the Shingle Nourishment, which is what will take out the power of the waves before they reach the new timber breastwork and the beach properties. The Shingle Nourishment has also covered the Rock Groynes, and Breakwaters, there are warning markers in front of these structures now. After a previous storm some beach property residents are reporting that the Shingle Nourishment is doing what it’s supposed to do, which is very encouraging news.

View of Borth Beach looking South from near the Information Centre
Ray Jones (left) and Alice Johnson (right) answering questions from Ceredigion County Council Scrutiny Committee Members before returning to Borth Community Hall.
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