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Cofnodion Cyngor/Council Minutes

Minutes - February 2015

Present:            Chairperson:                         L Moore
C Bainbridge
R Dalton
M Griffiths 
J Hulse 
J James 
G B Jones 
M J Willcox 
W J Williams 
In Attendance: County Cllr:                            R P Quant                   
Clerk:                     M Walker                               
2 Members of the Public. 


299.  Cllr G Ashley.


300.  Matt Richards representing Bam Nuttall and Alistair Macmillan from Royal Haskoning attended the meeting to give an up to date progress report. Work had now begun on the last structure, 63% of breastworks were completed, all waste bins would be put back to street level, and there were a few jobs remaining to do for the community.  They are on schedule to complete all works by the end of February.  The Chairman thanked them both for attending. 

301.  Mr Glan Davies is the Secretary of the British Heart Foundation.  A campaign has recently been launched called “No Time To Wait” and is a Wales-wide appeal to get more people trained in emergency life-support skills and to place many more defibrillators in locations across Wales, with help from the Welsh Ambulance Service. Currently only about 10% of people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest.  Mr Davies went on to say that approximately 360 people are trained in Ceredigion in the use of defibrillators.  He explained that communities apply to the BHF and they then pass that on to the Ambulance Service who makes the final decision. Members agreed to look into applying for two defibrillators, one to be placed on the site of the Community Hall and the other at the Railway Station.
302.  To remind Cllrs concerning of any matters of interest that may arise during the meeting.   
303.  It was resolved to confirm the minutes of the Council meeting held on 5 January 2015 as being a true record.   
304.   World War 1 Centenary.  Minute 269.   Ongoing.  
305.   Borth Car Park.  Minute 270.  Ongoing.  
306.   Dog Control Orders.  Minute 271.  Ongoing.  
307.   Community Emergency Plan.  Minute 272.  Ongoing.  
308.  Bus Stops/Shelters.   Minute 273.  Ongoing.  
309.   One Voice Wales.  An online link to the January newsletter.  
310.   Ceredigion County Council.  Details of the Town and Community Council website grant which has been extended to the 31st March 2015.  
311.   Cymdogion Cynnes.  An online link to the latest Cymdogion Cynnes update.  
312.   Donation Requests.  Air Training Corps.  
313.   Welsh Government.  An advertisement for a chairperson and seven independent members to the Upland Forum for its fourth term (2015-18).  
314.   One Voice Wales.  Details of forthcoming workshops on both the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.  Cllr Moore volunteered to attend the workshop.  
315.   Natural Resources Wales.  Dates of four exceptionally high spring tides in 2015.  
316.   Family Centre.  An invitation to all Borth Community Council members to their Lottery Launch on the 3rd Feb from 11am onwards.  
317.   BSPFA.  A letter requesting the balance of the annual grant to the association.  As the Association had not requested any grant monies during this financial year members resolved to send a cheque for £6000.  
318.   Ecodyfi.  An e-mail with dates of forthcoming events.  
319.   One Voice Wales.  An invitation to attend one of two arranged First World War Partnership Days which are held in Llandudno and Cardiff.  
320.   One Voice Wales.  An online link to One Voice Wales’s response to the “Consultation on Overriding Easements and Other Rights”, to the “Planning Committees, Delegation and Joint Planning Boards” consultation and to the “Front Loading of the Development Management System” consultation.  
320A.  Lappset.  An e-mail from Chris Jones asking whether he can come and chat to a member of the Community Council in respect of refreshing the play area.  Members resolved to look at the costings for repair works to be carried out.  
321.   One Voice Wales.  An invitation to Councillors and the Clerk to attend a joint event with OVW and SLCC on the 14th May at the Hotel Metropole, Llandrindod Wells.  
322.   One Voice Wales.  Agenda for the Ceredigion Area Meeting to be held on the 28th January at Penmorfa, Aberaeron.  
323.   Ceredigion County Council.  Notification that Clarach Road will be closed from January 26th to January 30th for resurfacing works.  
324.   Hywel Dda Health Board.  Dates of a series of meetings in communities across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire to provide information and to listen so that they can improve services.  
325.   Natural Resources Wales.  A meeting was held between two members of Natural resources Wales, the Clerk and Cllr Mike Willcox in respect of illegal tipping on common land. The Clerk was handed a Notice of Powers and Rights.  Cllr Willcox before the start of the meeting asked the Chairman and Clerk for this item to be dealt with under Section 62 with the exclusion of members of the public.  
326.  Balance of Accounts at 13 January 2015          
Nationwide                                                                                                        28,899.13          
Community Acct                                                                                                  1,924.03          
Business No Notice Acct                                                                                   31,785.17          
Deposit Account                                                                                                 2,908.64
327.  Income         
Nationwide – gross int to 1 Dec 2014                                                                      18.01         
Rent of land at Gerydon                                                                                        100.00
328.  Expenditure.  It was resolved to pay the following accounts:         
Ceredigion County Council – repairs to playground                                              978.70         
Ceredigion County Council – for seasonal opening of toilets                             5,400.00         
TME Electrical Contracting Ltd – put up and take down Xmas Tree lights            175.20         
BSPFA                                                                                                                6,000.00         
M Walker – Clerks salary                                                                                       530.87  
Cllr Dalton has been looking into changing the existing bank accounts to ones with a higher rate of interest.  Members resolved to change the Nationwide account to a Business Instant Saver.
329.  Application for Full Planning Permission.
A141003.   Proposed stable block, hard standing and access track.  Field to the rear of Auckland House, Borth.  Cllr Moore declared an interest and left the room.  Borth Community Council has NO OBJECTION to the proposal for a stable block for the welfare of the horses. However, we are concerned about the problem with flooding and furthermore we have concerns over intentions to use the building for other purposes.  We would also anticipate that if the application were successful that the level of traffic would be in accordance with the needs of two horses.

 A150054.   Proposed change of use of ground floor from Tourist Information Centre into 2 self contained flats.  Old TIC, Cambrian Terrace, Borth.  Whilst Borth Community Council understands the need for one bedroom housing the development should take into account the exposed position eg. front access direct into living area which we consider warrants an internal or external porch. Furthermore we appreciate that approval is subject to a National Resource Wales report.

330.   The Vice Chair read out a letter from Chris and Emma Byrne in relation to application A141003.
331.  A get together for BAM Nuttall has been arranged for Thursday 19th February at the Victoria Inn and members resolved to pay up to £100 towards the evening. Cllr Moore agreed to make a speech.  Borth Community Council dinner has been arranged for Tuesday 3rd March at the Railway Inn.  Cllr Moore mentioned that there were steps to go onto the beach opposite It’s A Gift but the ones on the other side had been removed.

332.   Cllr Bainbridge raised concerns that there was doubt whether the last bus from Aberystwyth to Borth would continue.  Cllr Bainbridge had spoken to Mid Wales Transport who state that the 512 night service is subsidised by Ceredigion County Council who have full control of the timetable etc. Cllr Quant confirmed that he had spoken to Sian Witts of the Corporate Passenger Transport Unit and discussed the possibility of splitting the 6 days with Talybont which would mean that the 512 would go from Aberystwyth to Talybont via Borth 3 days a week and would alternatively go from Aberystwyth to Borth via Talybont on the other three days.  The Clerk was asked to write to Ms Witts.
Cllr Hulse mentioned that a bus driver was seen urinating in the bus shelter at Ynyslas.
Cllr Bainbridge confirmed that Peter Karrie is due to give a concert at the Community Hall in Borth on the 20th March.  40% of the ticket price will go to Ysgol Graig yr Wylfa.
Cllr James mentioned another two accidents on Brynbala bend recently.  Also a lorry had become stuck on the hair pin bend at Clarach and he asked whether CCC would consider placing a warning sign on the top of Penglais Hill. 
Cllr Williams asked whether a “No Through Road to Borth” sign could be put up at Clarach crossroads during icy conditions. He stated that there had been five recent car accidents due to icy conditions near the reservoir.
Cllr Griffiths had been approached by Anthony Morris querying whether planning permission had been sought by the new owners of Bel-Air to convert the property from business to residential. Cllr Griffiths raised the issue of grass cutting in the village and that it might be worth looking for tenders for the work this year. Members resolved to put a notice in the notice boards inviting tenders for the work. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Merion Lewis stating that the Council had made the decision to tender for the work this year. 
It had been brought to the Council’s attention that the fireworks sign by It’s a Gift had not yet been removed.  Cllr Griffiths said she would speak to Jonathan Thomas.
Cllr Hulse confirmed that the text system for the flood wardens was in place and she had sent out a trial test. The Scouts are currently doing a badge on flood awareness.
333.  Cllr Quant said that he was progressing with the closure of the gates on the railway track to the church. He also had received comments on the standard of the newly tarmac road from Ty Shimne onwards and would look into it further.
334.  There being no further business the Chairman closed the public meeting at 9.35pm.  Agenda items for the next meeting to be held on Monday 2 March 2015 to include Donations.  Any other items are to be notified to the Clerk. 
335.   Towards the end of the meeting members of the public were asked to leave and the Council discussed a letter from Natural Resources Wales in respect of illegal tipping on Borth Community Council common land.  Cllr Quant said he would follow it up with NRW and a licensed waste management contractor. 
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